The process

Request & Connect

. . . we work together. When you complete your trip request link, we begin with a 20-30 minute complimentary phone or video chat consultation, where we get to know you and learn as much as we can about your travel preferences.

Tropical / All-Inclusive Request

Europe & Beyond Request

Disney / Universal Request

General Travel Request

Group Travel Request

Ocean / River Cruise Request

*All new OCEAN cruise clients (with the exception of Disney), will be referred to our ocean cruise specialist partners. We will continue to service our current/repeat ocean cruise clients.

Review & Collaborate

. . . with us as we tap into our wealth of knowledge. We will craft a unique itinerary with your specific travel goals in mind, then present options that fit your budget, your desired level of activities, and your personality.

Reserve & Conquer

. . . your wander list! We make it easy by confirming your reservations and taking care of details such as dining ideas, spa or special occasion needs, and unique excursions. All you need to do is pack your bags. You’re on your way!

Let’s start planning together.

Efficiency—that’s what we do. Researching, traveling, and in-destination training - all of our knowledge is your gain. We read all the magazines, find all the jewels (and duds), study destinations and travel to them. We love adventures, especially your adventures… We’re fixers, dream-makers and planners.

One of our jobs is to ask a lot of questions. We do this so that you don’t have to. We love the world, but not as much as we love to put you in it. Traveling Person services include: advising, consulting, management, transportation, research and entertainment.

We’re a kind and friendly service. A professional service. We are award-winning service. We are at your service.

After making your travel request…schedule your complimentary consultation

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