Why work with Traveling Person?

☑︎ 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE – When you travel, you can contact us and your travel providers 24/7. Text, call, email!

☑︎ Professional Advice – Our job is to help you reach your desired destination in the most pleasant way possible, while keeping your needs in mind.

☑︎ Convenient one-stop shopping – Save time and money with our effort and organization, we’ll make sure everything is taken care of – all you need to do is pack! We have you covered from start to finish.

☑︎ Time savings – We know exactly where to go to get the information that you need and can find your travel options within seconds.

☑︎ Value – Receive e-documents as well as paper documents with your Traveling Person Travel Package. Each package contains travel essentials picked specially for your destination and itinerary.

☑︎ Trust - As your travel agent, you can be assured that we work with trusted travel partners who have years of experience and high satisfaction marks from their clients.

☑︎ Customer Advocate – In the rare case that something on your trip doesn’t go as planned, we’ll be here to resolve the problem, so you can relax and enjoy.

☑︎ Maximum choice – We can provide you with a wide variety of travel and payment options.

☑︎ Unbiased information – When you book travel through us, we work for you - not the travel supplier, so our main concern is always you and your unique needs.

☑︎ Expert Guidance – Our wide scope of knowledge of the travel industry and extensive training allows us to book your trip efficiently.

☑︎ Personalized service – If you need to contact us or want to discuss your next vacation, we’re just a quick phone call, e-mail, or short visit away and you won’t have to deal with long distance or international phone numbers, unfamiliar language, and complicated computer booking systems.

Why do you require a planning fee?

Our advisors are at your service. We receive dozens of vacation requests each week and a planning fee is necessary to provide our clients with the best experience possible.

As with any business, a travel agency's prospective clients are their lifeblood. Imposing a fee limits the amount of "tire kickers" who request vacations with no interest in booking, who are essentially taking precious planning time away from those who are in need of our services and expertise.

  1. You are securing the services of a travel professional, not a part-time employee in a cubical who may not even have their own passport. To best serve you, we travel extensively to learn the resorts/ships/parks, meet the staff and get to know the destinations we are suggesting. We also spend thousands of dollars on certifications and training each year.

  2. By charging a fee, we are not at all biased to the travel components we sell based on bonuses or commissions they may offer, meaning we will quote you from a full range of destinations - not just the ones who pay higher commissions. We will recommend properties based on your needs and desires, period.

  3. The services and support I provide are far superior than those you will find from a big box store or online site. This is a priceless value.

Our advisors are certified professionals.

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